A List of Food That Often Cause Allergic Reactions

Today's technology has come so far that doctors are now able to diagnose different health conditions and are able to recognize food borne diseases and allergies. In the past, people would think that stomach pains and bloating are just due to indigestion but it might also mean that a person is lactose intolerant. Being aware of the kind of food you are allergic of will help you make better choices with the food you eat and thus improve your health condition. Many people have allergies that comes from common food items. Read more about food allergies at this website.

You will be able to tell that you are allergic to certain foods when you develop symptoms upon eating or toughing it. An allergic reaction would often begin with itchy rashes on the mouth and a swollen airway and may also include some vomiting, loose bowel movement and stomach pains. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can also be seen on the skin with very itchy rashes or patches. Food allergies should not be taken lightly as this could lead to death if a patient is left untreated.

Many people have the same allergies caused by common food items. There are eight kind of foods that have been known to cause allergies in most people.

Many people thought that peanuts are of the nut variety but in actual are really legumes. Many people actually suffers from peanut allergy. The severe allergic reactions people with peanut allergy develops have made them want to ban all products with peanut from airplanes. Many product have peanut in it thus it is hard for people with this allergy to avoid it.

People can also get allergic reactions to shellfish. Crab meat based products and other food containing shellfish should be avoided by those with shellfish allergies. Reactions to such food items such as crab meat, oyster sauce or shrimp pastes can be life threatening.

Included in the list of food that causes allergic reactions are tree nuts. Almonds, walnuts and pecans are just some of the tree nuts that belong to the nut family. Tree nuts like almond are common extra ingredients in food items like cereals and ice creams thus it is vital to watch out for these items if your are allergic to it. Nut shells are also incorporated in bean bags thus those with allergies have to be careful because being in contact with these items can still cause adverse reactions similar to eating the nut itself.

Milk and milk products as earlier stated is a common food allergy . Milk allergy is often referred to as lactose intolerance wherein there is inability of the enzyme to separate milk proteins. This condition leads to problems with the digestive systems resulting to stomach pains. Many products contain milk like ice cream and dairy products thus it must be avoided to prevent milk allergies.

The egg is another common food that leads to allergic reactions. Allergic reactions from eggs does not only happen by eating it but it can also happen due to getting a vaccine. Egg proteins are often found on vaccine shots because there are immunizations that are develop using fertilized eggs. People with egg allergies must also avoid pasta, baked goods, dim sum wrappers and the like as these food items contain egg.

Part of the list of common allergy causing food is soy. Vegetarians with soy allergy can have more difficulty in avoiding this food because soy is often used as their alternative to protein source. People with allergy to soy should be wary of processed food items since most of them has soy bean oil in it. Soy can be found in many products including baby milk and also in peanut butter.

Last on the list of foods that cause allergies are wheat. Most people refer to wheat allergy as Celiac Disease but there are also simple wheat allergies. All food products that contain gluten, like wheat, causes severe allergic reactions to a person with Celiac disease. On the other hand, plain wheat allergies are triggered with only wheat products. But the worrisome things is, most soups and deli meats use wheat as product stabilizers making it hard to avoid.

It is vital for people with food allergies to be careful with the kind of food they eat or the products they touch as it may contain food items that causes an allergic reactions. In order to manage allergies due to certain foods, a check up with an allergist or a doctor should be considered. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_allergy for more information.